Invest in the Complex
Invest in the Complex

The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts & Education Complex will serve as a new national model of educational collaboration and innovation. With help from University of Utah friends like you, the U's tradition of excellence will continue for generations to come.

To make an online donation to the construction of the Complex, simply follow this link. For personal assistance, please contact us.


“In Ogden, student art is hung all over the school and students have real pride in these displays. Students are engaged and focused during art and leave happy. The work being created and shared in class has been instrumental in community building among peers. Learning the language of visual critique is giving students a vocabulary to respond positively to their environment. Visual learners have particularly benefitted from having art at school.  Special Education are responding beautifully to art activities too.”
- Beverley Taylor Sorenson Lead Coordinator,
Multi-University Professional Development,
Utah State University