"Integrating arts into the education of our young students early in their development will have a profound effect on their future learning, not only in the arts, but in all areas, including math, sciences and language."
- Michael K. Young, former University of Utah President


Much of the educational process today is based on teaching students to learn subjects across the curricula one at a time and in separate blocks of time. Learning is then measured by standardized tests, again focused on each subject in isolation.

While standardized tests have a strong role to play in school accountability, alone they cannot detect or measure the full range of learning we want to encourage in young people. Similarly, our training of teachers has for too long relied on programs in which faculty in colleges, especially colleges of arts and education, prepare their teachers separately and operate completely independent of one another. This pattern of working in isolation also extends to the public school system and to community organizations, with individual schools, teachers, advocates and philanthropists all working independently.

At the University of Utah, we have developed a rare and unique partnership that will transform this old pattern and change the face of arts integration efforts both locally and nationally. In addition to Beverley Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts Learning Program activities already occurring in Utah schools, our newly designed teacher education program now prepares all teachers to use an evidence-based integrated curriculum model in which children simultaneously explore multiple subjects, such as art and science, and apply them thematically. These teachers will also be prepared and accustomed to working side-by-side with arts specialists working in Utah schools. Our partnership also provides professional development for in-service teachers and delivers resources directly into the hands of teachers and the lives of children.

All of these efforts will be fully realized when the new Arts and Education Complex is completed and brings together renowned University faculty and programs to create an unparalleled force for arts education that will be delivered directly to public schools, the local community, other higher education institutions, and the world-at-large.